As of today, the C++ Micro Services library version 1.0.0 is available. You can get the sources at the download page or directly from the GitHub releases page.

During the last months a few notable improvements and additions took place. Among these are:

  • A resources system for embedding arbitrary files into a module.
  • Install support on all supported platforms, including installation of API documentation.
  • Performance improvements in the service registry
  • Added new public class us::SharedLibrary.
  • General overhaul of the high-level documentation, adding an exhaustive tutorial.

Additionally, the usual bug fixing and maintenance took place. Please report any issues you have with this release.

What’s next?

The 1.0.0 release will be maintained for quite some time, but will likely not receive any more feature additions. Work on version 2 has already started and there will be a couple of important changes and improvements. The goal for version 2 is to get rid of the base class requirement, meaning the service implementations won’t need to inherit from a common base class anymore. Further, the handling of type information of services is going to be improved, similar to the introduction of the generics-based API in OSGi 4.3. Compare the current code for retrieving a service

ServiceReference ref = context->GetServiceReference<IDictionaryService>();
IDictionaryService* dict = context->GetService<IDictionaryService>(ref);

with the version 2 way:

ServiceReference<IDictionaryService> ref = context->GetServiceReference<IDictionaryService>();
IDictionaryService* dict = context->GetService(ref);

There will be no need for dynamic casts anymore (which has been hidden in the templated GetService method.

Another planned feature for version 2 is the implementation of Servivce Scopes (RFC 195) as specified in the OSGi Early Draft 2013.03.

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