RFP 156 entitled Native OSGi has been published on the OSGi bug tracker a month ago. It aims at reviving parts of RFP 89 (Universal OSGi) with a focus on providing an OSGi Core specification for the C and C++ programming languages.

The joined efforts of different people interested in creating a native OSGi specification and implementation started back in May last year during a Native OSGi Developers Meeting in Hengelo. Since then there have been presentations about the idea of Native OSGi at the OSGi Community Event 2012 (link) and at ApacheCon Europe 2012 (link).

With the help and feedback from people involved in the OSGi specifications, RFP 156 finally was published. I encourage interested parties to contribute to it by adding comments, use cases, requirements, etc. to the Bugzilla ticket.

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